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第二言語習得、語彙、ヴァーチャル リアリテリー

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  • Masters of Education -  テンプル大学ジャパン

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  • 2021年04月

    専任   横浜国立大学   教育学部   学校教員養成課程   英語教育   講師  

  • 2017年04月

    専任   横浜国立大学   教育学部   学校教育課程   英語教育   講師  

  • 2008年04月

    専任   横浜国立大学   教育人間科学部   学校教育課程   英語教育   講師  

  • 2013年04月

    併任   横浜国立大学   国際戦略推進機構   講師  


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  • The Long Road to International School

    Wiz, Charles

    Bilingual Japan   24 ( 1 ) 7 - 12   2015年04月  [招待有り]


  • Measuring flow experience in an immersive virtual environment for collaborative learning

    Schaik, P. van, Martin, S. Wiz, C.

    First International Virtual Environments Research Group (iVERG) conference     156 - 166   2011年09月  [査読有り]



    Our goal was to apply the concept of flow to model the experience of collaborative learning in immersive virtual environments. Pairs of small teams were engaged in collaborative problem solving while communicating through an immersive virtual environment. A flow inventory assessment was administered at each session using human-computer interaction.

  • Conditions for successful online document collaboration.

    Vallance, M., Towndrow, P.A. & Wiz, C.

    Tech Trends   54 ( 1 ) 20 - 24   2010年01月  [査読有り]



    This paper discusses the conditions that are particularly successful when using technology and are required for significant collaboration. Collaborative work is represented by parties engaged in mutually beneficial relationships to achieve predefined goals. To illustrate effective collaboration, the use of online document collaboration tools is summarized.

  • Learning spaces, tasks and metrics for effective communication in Second Life within the context of programming LEGO NXT MindstormsTM robots: towards a framework for design and implementation.

    Martin, S., Vallance, M., Schaik, P. van. & Wiz, C., P. van. & Wiz, C.

    Journal of Virtual Worlds Research   3 ( 1 ) 3 - 24   2010年01月  [査読有り]



    This paper discusses research related to establishing metrics and evaluation methods for conducting scientific activities in an immersive virtual environment (IVE). It reports on the results obtained between two teams programming LEGO robots to navigate mazes. Tasks are analyzed for maze complexity and communication restrictions.

  • Designing effective spaces,tasks and metrics for communication in Second Life within the context of programming LEGO NXT Mindstorms™ robots.

    Vallance, M., Martin, S., Wiz, C.

    International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments.   1 ( 1 ) 20 - 37   2010年01月  [査読有り]



    This papers defines effective measures for assessing strategies for communicating in science related problem solving activities using Lego robots and Mindstorms software.

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  • Does machine translation impact L1 and L2 writing? And does it matter?

    Charles Wiz, William White

    JALT CALL Conference  (Aoyama University, Tokyo)  2019年05月01日   JALT CALL


    Reports on a study analyzing the effects of how machine translation affects the learning of grammatical features in short written texts by non-native English speakers.

  • Where is Japan?

    Field, M., Frank, I., Stuart-Ruthven, P.,Vallance, M. & Wiz, C.

    The Second Annual Asian Conference on Education 2010  2011年05月  

  • Factors affecting the integration of courseware into a communication course

    Stuart-Ruthven, P., Wiz, C., Vallance, M.

    World Call International Conference  2009年08月  

  • Mindstorms communication in Second Life

    Vallance, M., Martin, S., Wiz, C.

    Association of Learning Technology (ALT-C) 2009  2009年08月  

  • The realities of working in virtual worlds

    Valance, M<li> Wiz, Charles

    Ed-Media World Conference on Education, Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Telecommunications  2009年07月  

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  • 大学院都市イノベーション学府  English Writing

  • 大学院都市イノベーション学府  English for Academic Purposes

  • 教養教育科目  英語演習1c

  • 教養教育科目  英語実習Advanced

  • 教養教育科目  英語ライティング

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