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Research Fields, Keywords

Asian economic history, Chinese economic history

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    Saitama University   Faculty of Liberal Arts   History Course   Graduated

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  • 2003.04

    The University of Tokyo  Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology  Division of Asian Studies  Doctor Course  Completed

  • 1999.04

    Tokyo Metropolitan University  Graduate School, Division of Humanities  Department of History  Master Course  Completed

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  • 2018.04

    London School of Economics and Political Science   Department of Economic History   Visiting Senior Fellow  

  • 2012.04

    University of Tokyo   Institute of Social Science   Research Fellow  

  • 2007.08

    University of Tokyo (National Institutes for the Humanities)   Contemporary China Research Base, Institute of Social Science (Center for Area Studies)   Research Associate (Research fellow)  

Academic Society Affiliations 【 display / non-display

  • 2007.06

    Socio-Economic History Society

  • 2013.01

    The Japan Association for Modern China Studies

Field of expertise (Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research classification) 【 display / non-display

  • Economic history

  • History of Asia and Africa


Books 【 display / non-display

  • Shanghai's Economy under the Socialist System: The Impact of the Planned Economy and Socialist Transformation

    Jun Kajima (Part: Single Work )

    University of Tokyo Press  2018.01 ISBN: 9784130461245


  • Economic History of Modern China : An Approach Based on Statistical Data

    Toru KUBO, Jun KAJIMA, and Yoshinori KIGOSHI (Part: Joint Work )

    University of Tokyo Press  2016.09 ISBN: 9784130421


  • Economic History of China

    Takashi Okamoto ed. (Part: Joint Work , Range: Chapter 5, Section 4-5, pp.255-269 )

    The University of Nagoya Press   2013.11 ISBN: 978-481580751


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  • The long-term development of Chinese textile industry across the institutional change in 1978

    Jun Kajima

    Workshop “Chinese workers and the textile industry. Perspectives from history and sociology"  (Université Paris Diderot, Room M19, Paris, France)  2019.02.13   Gilles Guiheux(Université Paris Diderot), CESSMA (ANR Eurasemploi)

  • Making of the Chinese “Decentralized" Socialist Economic System: An Analysis on the Local Public Finance of Shanghai Municipality during the Planned Economy Era

    Jun Kajima

    European Workshop on Asian Economic History  (Sala de Recepcions, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Barcelona, Spain)  2018.11.30   Department of Economic History, Institutions, Policy and World Economy, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Barcelona

  • The Impact of the Heavy-Industry-Priority Strategy on Chinese Industrialization: A Case of Shanghai's Steel Industry

    Jun Kajima

    International Workshop “Forty years of Reforms in China's long XXth century of modernization: Exploring local and foreign inspiration in economy, society, manufacturing and technology"  (East Asian Library, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)  2018.11.23   Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Faculty of Arts – OE East Asian and Arabic Studies, Sinology Research Unit

  • The Behavior and Functions of Local Governments under the Chinese Socialist Economic System: A Case Study of Shanghai's Cement Industry

    Jun Kajima

    Economic History Seminar  (Room 20 Kingsway G.01, LSE, London, UK)  2018.10.25   Depertment of Economic History, London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Performance of Chinese Enterprises across the 1949 and 1978 Divides: A Case of Shanghai's Textile Industry

    Jun Kajima

    18th World Economic History Congress  (Room 231, MIT Building 4, Boston, USA)  2018.08.01   International Economic History Association

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