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Membrane Structure, Tensile Structure, Spatial Structure , Film, Viscous, Plastic

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    Yokohama National University   Faculty of Engineering   Department of Architecture and Bilding Science   Graduated

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    Yokohama National University  Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Department of Archtecture and Building Science    Completed

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  • Tensile Structure

  • Membrane Structure


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  • Study on Structural Design of Membrane Structures

    Project Year:  -   

  • Stuyd on Structural Analysis of Tensile Structures

    Project Year:  -   

  • Stuyd on Structural Design of Hybrid Cable Structures

    Project Year:  -   

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • An experiment on fabrication technique to establish three-dimensional curved surface of ETFE membrane structure by stretching cutting pattern strips

    Bui Quang Hieu,Masaya Kawabata

    膜構造研究論文集   ( 32 )   13 - 19   2019.04  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

  • Nonlinear analysis of membrane structures using ETFE films considering the friction contact between films and steel arch

    BUI Quang Hieu、河端昌也

    日本建築学会大会梗概集     2017.09

    Joint Work

  • Structural Design of Membrane Structures Using ETFE Films Considering the Visco-Plastic Material Properties

    Kawabata M

    IABSE-IASS 2011 Symposium Proceedings     2012.05  [Refereed]

    Single Work

  • Visco-Plastic Constitutive Equation of ETFE Film –Examination on the Stress-Strain relationships of Uniaxial and Biaxial Tensile Deformation

    Jeong E.S. and Kawabata M

    IABSE-IASS 2011 Symposium Proceedings     2011.09  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

  • Structural potential of folded air-tubes

    Kawabata M., Mori M. and Muramoto S

    IASS 2010 Proceedings     2010.11  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

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