NOGUCHI Kazuhiko


Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences, Division of Artificial Environment and Information



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Risk management Crisis management Safety engineering

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Director Center for Creation of Symbiosis Society with Risk


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  • Safety Mechanism and Goals to Prepare for Changing Risks

    Noguchi Kazuhiko

    Journal of Japan Society for Safety Enginennring ( Japan Soceiety for Safety Engineering )  58 ( 2 )   71 - 71   2019

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  • 7-1-3 Construction of a Method of Risk Identification for Advanced Science and Technology:A Case Study of Hydrogen Energy System

    HIENUKI Shunichi, NOGUCHI Kazuhiko

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of The Japan Institute of Energy ( The Japan Institute of Energy )  27 ( 0 )   212 - 213   2018

    Joint Work

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    <p>In making decisions concerning advance science and technology (S&T), there is a possibility of overlooking important risk (including positive and negative effect) because S&T and society have unknown. In this research, we constructed a method of risk identification of advanced S&T from a comprehensive and panoramic view. Specifically, it compared advanced S&T and existing S&T according/considering each 50 well-being of life and social. As a result of applying the method to hydrogen and gasoline energy system, hydrogen energy system was confirmed to be significantly different from gasoline energy system in terms of value related to price and convenience from the viewpoints of both engineering and social science field. In addition, risks such as handling and transportation difficulties, psychological impacts, and regulatory developments were identified.</p>

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