Faculty of Urban Innovation, Division of Urban Innovation

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Associate Professor

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journalism,media,mass communication,refugee,atomic bomb,a-bomb surviver,peace education,international politics,Middle East,

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  • 【Published Thesis】 How have A-bomb survivors' testimonies influences American high school students?  2018.07

    【Book】 「東日本大震災と<自立・支援>の生活記録」  2020.07

    【Book】 自己検証・危険地報道  2019.08

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  • 【Book】 「東日本大震災と<自立・支援>の生活記録」  2020.07

    【Book】 自己検証・危険地報道  2019.08

    【Published Thesis】 How have A-bomb survivors' testimonies influenced American high school students?  2018.07

    【Book】 イスラーム圏で働くーー暮らしとビジネスのヒント  2015.09

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  • 1976.04

    Osaka University of Foreign Studies   Foreign Studies course   Indoneian Languages course   Graduated

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  • Bachelor of Arts - 

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  • 2017.04

    Duty   Yokohama National UniversityFaculty of Urban Innovation   Division of Urban Innovation   Associate Professor  

  • 2013.04

    Duty   Yokohama National UniversityCollege of Education and Human Sciences   Associate Professor  

  • 2017.04

    Concurrently   Yokohama National UniversityCollege of Urban Sciences   Department of Urban and Social Collaboration   Associate Professor  

  • 2013.04

    Concurrently   Yokohama National UniversityInternational Strategy Organization   Associate Professor  

  • 2013.04

    Concurrently   Yokohama National UniversityGraduate School of Urban Innovation   Department of Infrastructure and Urban Society   Associate Professor  

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  • 1981.04

    Staff writer of The Mainichi Newspapers  

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  • journalism,mass communication


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  • The roles of journalism(mainly international reports,investigative report etc.), How to extend the reality of the victims of Atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki across the seas,The reality of Indochinese refugees who settled down Japan and Japanese policy for refugees.

    Cooperative Research  

    Project Year: 2013.04  -   

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  • How have A-bomb survivors' testimonies influenced American high school students?

    TAKAHASHI Hiroshi

      ( 第49 )   113 - 135   2018.07  [Refereed]

    Single Work


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  • エジプトの「知恵」を今こそ示せ

    高橋 弘司

    日本からの意見 ( 日本英語交流連盟 )    2013.10  [Refereed]  [Invited]

    Introduction and explanation (others)   Single Work

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  • How have the testimony of Hibakusya been received by American high school students?

    Takahashi Hiroshi