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Associate Professor

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Japanese language pedagogy, Second language acquisition

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    Osaka University of Foreign Studies   Faculty of Foreign Language   Japanese Language   Graduated

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    The University of Iowa  Foreign Language Acquisition Research and Education   Second Language Acquisition   Doctor Course  Completed


    The University of Iowa  Asian Languages and Literatures  Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language  Master Course  Completed

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  • 2003.08


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  • 2002

    American Association of Teachers of Japanese

  • 2008

    Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education

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  • Japanese language education


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  • Developing an Oral Corpus of Opinion Statements by Japanese Native Speakers and Learners of Japanese

    ITO Katsuhiro, HANZAWA Chiemi, HATASA Yukiko, YOKOYAMA Chisato

    The journal of Japanese Language Education Methods ( Japanese Language Education Methods )  25 ( 2 )   98 - 99   2019

    Joint Work

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    This study reports on the development of an oral corpus of opinion statements made by Japanese native speakers as well as intermediate/advanced learners of Japanese. Most of participants are undergraduate or graduate students. They were asked to state their opinions and experiences in monologue style by answering ten questions prepared in advance. This study also describes the results obtained in a study which utilized the present corpus. This study demonstrated a tendency on the part of native speakers of Japanese, as well as Korean or Chinese-speaking learners of Japanese, to use the Japanese adverb Yappari in their statements.

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  • Short-term Exchange Program for &quotJapanese College Experience&quot::The Results of the Curriculum Revision

    KIM Ranmi, HANZAWA Chiemi

    The journal of Japanese Language Education Methods ( Japanese Language Education Methods )  25 ( 2 )   44 - 45   2019

    Joint Work

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    This presentation reports on the 2018 YNU Summer Program which was held to promote a &quotcollege experience in Japan&quot for international students. A Total of 25 students from 6 countries and regions participated in the program. This year, no Japanese language class was provided for the summer program, and the students participated in the pre-existing Japanese language and other classes. Furthermore, a graduate college orientation was held to encourage the students to consider YNU as a study abroad option. In the presentation, we will discuss how we made changes in the curriculum based on the survey results from the previous year and talk about future planned improvements.

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  • Rethinking the Short-term Exchange Program::Based on What the Survey Results Revealed

    KIM Ranmi, OGAWA Yoshimi, HANZAWA Chiemi

    The journal of Japanese Language Education Methods ( Japanese Language Education Methods )  24 ( 2 )   122 - 123   2018.03

    Joint Work

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    This presentation reviews the 2017 YNU Japanese Language and Culture Summer Program and discusses considerations for improvements. The program mainly consisted of Japanese language and culture classes, and the 2017 program offered beginning-intermediate and advanced classes to match the online placement test results. Academic counseling was also provided for those interested in applying for graduate school. The program evaluation showed that while the participants were satisfied with the Japanese language and culture classes overall, some felt that the program did not exactly match their individual Japanese language levels and purposes for attending the summer program.

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  • Analysis of Opinion Statement Expressions Produced by Chinese Learners of Japanese

    HANZAWA Chiemi

    The journal of Japanese Language Education Methods ( Japanese Language Education Methods )  24 ( 2 )   50 - 51   2018.03

    Single Work

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    Different types of opinion-seeking questions were asked to 20 Chinese learners of Japanese. The learners were prompted to agree, disagree, or explain their reasoning in response to a variety of questions, and the expressions they used to express their opinions were analyzed. The results showed that even undergraduate or graduate students who regularly use Japanese in academic contexts struggle to utilize broad range of expressions, and their expressions were mostly limited to -to omoimasu (I think that~) without any softening expressions such as &quotkana&quot or &quotnjanaika.&quot Helping learners gain a broader repertoire of expressions is necessary in order for them to produce more natural, audience-aware opinion statements.

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  • Analysis of concessive expressions in oral opinion statements by native speakers and English-speaking learners of Japanese

    Chiemi Hanzawa, Yukiko Hatasa, Katsuhiro Ito,

    Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education annual conference  (Calgary, Canada)  2017.08