Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences, Division of Social Environment and Information

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Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory

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    Yokohama National University   Faculty of Education   Graduated

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    Keio University  Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering    Completed

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  • Graph Theory


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  • Study on embedding of graphs into closed surfaces

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    Nakamoto Atsuhiro, Noguchi Kenta, Ozeki Kenta

    SIAM JOURNAL ON DISCRETE MATHEMATICS   33 ( 3 )   1390 - 1414   2019  [Refereed]

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  • Generating 4-connected even triangulations on the sphere

    Naoki Matsumoto, Atsuhiro Nakamoto

    Discrete Math.   338 ( 1 )   64 - -70   2015  [Refereed]

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  • Generating 3-connected quadrangulations on surfaces

    Momoko Nagashima, Atsuhiro Nakamoto, Seiya Negami, Yusuke Suzuki

    Ars Combin.   116   371 - 384   2014  [Refereed]

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  • 主体的・創造的・協同的な生徒を育てるために : ニュージーランド教育の現地調査から

    山本 光, 中本 敦浩, 小笠原 梨絵, 高橋 すみれ, 瀧下 広貴, 仲谷 勇馬

    日本ニュージーランド学会誌 ( 日本ニュージーランド学会 )  21 ( 0 )   14 - 26   2014

    Joint Work

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    In order to investigate the difference of the period of integrated study in Japan and that in New Zealand, we have compared the history of the education systems and the results of the international learning assessments PISA and TIMSS of both countries. Then it has turned out that the difference of educational targets that of the method of school management, and so on have strongly affected the period of integrated study. Furthermore, by visiting Cobham Intermediate School and observing the student activities there, we have found that; 1) the period of integrated study in New Zealand consists of many school hours, and includes some subjects such as science and sociology, that; 2) students use no textbooks for it, that; 3) teachers manage the student study and share their information to each other, that; 4) the period attaches importance to discussion and communication, that; 5) teachers pay attention to how to think and study the contents.

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  • Polychromatic 4-coloring of cubic even embeddings on the projective plane

    Kobayashi Momoko, Nakamoto Atsuhiro, Yamaguchi Tsubasa

    DISCRETE MATHEMATICS   313 ( 21 )   2423 - 2431   2013.11  [Refereed]

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