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    Ochanomizu University  Graduate School, Doctral Research Course in Human Culture  Doctor Course  Completed

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  • Doctor(Humanities) -  Ochanomizu University

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  • 2019.09

    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore   Chinese Heritage Centre   Researcher  

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  • Other

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  • Foreign language education

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  • First Kind of Junior High School Teacher License

  • First Kind of High School Teacher License

  • Junior High School Teacher Specialization License

  • High School Teacher Specialization License


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  • The Controlling Mechanism of the Choice of Negative Expressions“Meiyou", “Bu" and“Bushi" in Chinese Language.

    NIINUMA Masayo 

      2011.03  [Refereed]

    Doctoral Thesis   Single Work

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    This thesis presents an explanation for the controlling mechanism of how one chooses negative expressions in various cases in Chinese language. There are a number of studies about “Meiyou" and “Bu" .They are written from various viewpoints, and lead various conclusions. Whereas, studies about “Bushi" are few, probably because “Bushi" including a copula verb “Shi" in itself, tends to be simply regarded as the negative form of “Shi". It is commonly considered that the choice of “Meiyou", “Bu" and “Bushi" depends on whether the object of negation is nominal or verbal, or if it expresses aspects or not. Admittedly, it is true that negated item controls the choice of negative expressions , nonetheless I would emphasize that negative expressions are chosen by the speaker and author. The speaker and author choose negative expressions based on the strategy how they are going to process discourse. As a conclusion the meaning function and the controlling mechanism of negative expressions “Meiyou" , “Bu" and “Bushi" is examined and clarified. Negative expressions “Meiyou", “Bu" and “Bushi" can all negate the connection between subject and object. In addition, each negative expression has its own meaning function. Negative expression “Meiyou" can negate propositions in D-domain. “Meiyou" is chosen through three mechanisms; the first is event acceptance by “You" verb, the second is leaning toward affirmation, and the third is pragmatic accommodation of presupposition. Negative expression “Bu" can act as announce of correction. “Bu" is chosen through the mechanism of turn-taking. Whereas, “Bushi" negates someone's expression of affirmative judgment. “Bushi" is chosen through the logical mechanism of “ “Bushi" p, “Ershi" q".

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