Faculty of Urban Innovation, Division of Urban Innovation

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Urban Studies, Global City, Urban Policy, Urban Politics, Community

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  • 【Published Thesis】 Global City Formation in a Capitalist Developmental State: Tokyo and the Waterfront Sub-centre Project.  2003.02

    【Book】 Locating Neoliberalizm in East Asia: Neoliberalizing Spaces in Developmental States  2011.12

    【Book】 Struggling Giants: City-Region Governance in London, New York, Paris and Tokyo  2012.08

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  • 【Published Thesis】 Recentralization of Tokyo: Contradiction and Political Struggle for Regional Policy in Japan  2021.03

    【Book】 都市社会学を学ぶ人のために  2020.03

    【Presentation(International conference)】 21世紀の都市を考える: グローバル世界におけるローカルからの応答  2019.11

    【Presentation(International conference)】 Urban Culture & Social Empathy  2019.05

    【Presentation(International conference)】 Rethinking Global Urban Justice  2017.09

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  • 1985.04

    Rikkyo University   Faculty of Law   Graduated

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  • 1994.10

    London School of Economics and Political Science  Graduate School of Geography and Environment  Doctor Course  Completed

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  • Doctor of Philosophy -  University of London

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  • 2015.04

    Duty   Yokohama National UniversityFaculty of Urban Innovation   Division of Urban Innovation   Professor  

  • 2014.04

    Duty   Yokohama National UniversityCollege of Education and Human Sciences   Professor  

  • 2013.04

    Duty   Yokohama National UniversityFaculty of Urban Innovation   Division of Urban Innovation   Professor  

  • 2021.04

    Concurrently   Yokohama National UniversityInterfaculty Graduate School of Innovative and Practical Studies   Professor  

  • 2017.04

    Concurrently   Yokohama National UniversityCollege of Urban Sciences   Department of Urban and Social Collaboration   Professor  

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  • 2003.07

    National University of Singapore (NUS)   National University of Singapore, Department of Japanese Studies   Assistant Professor  

Academic Society Affiliations 【 display / non-display

  • 2012

    International Sociological Association

  • 2003

    Japan Association of Regional and Community Studies

  • 2002

    ISA-Research Committee (RC) 21

Field of expertise (Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research classification) 【 display / non-display

  • Sociology


Books 【 display / non-display

  • Struggling Giants: City-Region Governance in London, New York, Paris, and Tokyo

    Kantor, P. Lefevre, C., Saito, A., Savitch, H. V., and Thornley, A. (Part: Joint Work )

    Univ of Minnesota Press  2012.08 ISBN: 978-081667743


  • Locating Neoliberalism in East Asia: Neoliberalizing Spaces in Developmental States

    Bae-Gyoon Park, Richard C. Hill, Kuniko Fujita, KC Ho, Byung-Doo Choi, Yong-Sook Lee, Chia-Huang Wang, Ti-Ling Chen, Stephen Chiu, Asato Saio (Part: Joint Editor )

    Blackwell Publishing Ltd.  2012 ISBN: 9781405192798


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  • The Politics of Urban Development in a Global City: Tokyo and Waterfront Sub-center Project



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  • Regeneration and Cultural Transformation of Shibuya: From Teen's Playground to a Town for Grown-ups

    Asato Saito  [Invited]

    Urban Culture & Social Empathy  (University of Seoul)  2019.05.03   Center for Glocal Culture and Social Empathy, University of Seoul

  • New Trend of Urban Living as a Neo-liberal State Strategy: A Case Study of Chuo Ward in Tokyo

    Asato Saito  [Invited]

    Rethinking Global Urban Justice  (University of Leeds, Leeds, UK)  2017.09.11   RC21

  • Re-centralization of Housing in Tokyo

    Asato Saito  [Invited]

    Geopolitical Economies of Development and Democratization in East Asia  (University of British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada)  2015.05.26   University of British Colombia

  • Urban Re-centralization in the Age of Neoliberal Urbanism: A case of Tokyo

    Asato Saito

    111th Annual Meeting of American Geographers   (Chicago, USA.)  2015.04.25   Association of American Geographers


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  • Global Urban Network



  • European Research Council


    Others   Panel Member (Advanced Grant)

  • International Sociological Association / Research Committee 21


    Society   Vice President