Faculty of International Social Sciences, Division of International Social Sciences

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internatinal management, multinational enterprise, business history

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    Kobe University   Faculty of Management   Graduated

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    Kobe University  Graduate School, Division of Administration  manegement system  Doctor Course  Completed

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  • Doctor (Management) -  Kobe University

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  • 2014

    Academy of Multinational Enterprises

  • 2010

    Japan Society of Business Administration

  • 2009

    Japan Academy of International Business Studies

  • 2009

    Forum for Enterpreneurial Studies

  • 2005

    Business History Society of Japan

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  • International Business History

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  • Evolutionary History of Foreign-affiliated Pharmaceutical Enterprise: Social Capital and Business Development in Japan

    (Part: Single Work )

    CHUOKEIZAI-SHA, INC.  2018.02 ISBN: 9784502246517


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  • The Entry of Foreign Multinational Enterprise into Japanese market and its Business System: The Case of Coca-Cola Company

    Ryosuke TAKEUCHI

    Yokohama Business Review ( Yokohama Business Administration Society )  39 ( 3・4 )   25 - 45   2019.03

    Single Work

  • 20190926

    The Annual Bulletin of Japan Academy of Business Administration ( Japan Academy of Business Administration )  89 ( 0 )   F62 - 1-F62-2   2019

    Joint Work

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  • Product Development and Conceptualization beyond Product Category

    Yoshiki Kageyama, Ryosuke Takeuchi

    Journal of Business Management ( Japan Society for the Study of Business Administration )  41   16 - 27   2018.10  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

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    <p> Previous researches have explored the factors or processes of product conceptualization changing during product development. These researches have focused on the product development process within the same product category. Meanwhile, product development beyond the existing product category is needed in today's business environment to overcome the commoditization phenomenon.</p><p> This paper focuses on how the product conceptualization shifts when the product is developed beyond the product category. The product category provides a base for conceptualization or designing new products for product developers. We explored how the base, which is already constructed in the mind of product developers, changes when the product is developed beyond the product category and how the product concept is influenced when the base is changed. Given the research interest, this paper clarifies the product development process of "Healsio Ocha Presso" produced by Sharp Corporation. This development is a process that involves a produet that originally started as a coffee maker and became a very new home appliance category that makes a cup of tea.</p><p> The results of the analysis clarify the succeeding points. The base of product development was replaced by a new one when the product was developed beyond the product category. Using this new base, the product developers rethought or redesigned the product concept. Through trial and error, product developers made the new base stable while sharing the common base, thereby achieving new product development.</p><p> These findings imply that when product development isn't achieved, product developers rethink not only the product concept but also the base that a product shares.</p>


  • The Failure of Multinational Subsidiary Evolution : A Case of The Foreign Pharmaceutical Enterprise in Japan

    TAKEUCHI Ryosuke

    Journal of business management ( Chikura Publishing Co.,Ltd. )  39   15 - 25   2017.10  [Refereed]

    Single Work


  • The Development Process of Decategorized Product: A Case Study of "Healsio Ocha-Presso"

    Yoshiki Kageyama, Ryosuke Takeuchi

    Journal of Economics & Business Administration ( The Keizai-Keiei Gakkai, Kobe University )  214 ( 1 )   1 - 20   2016.07

    Joint Work


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Review Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Book Review: Organizing Global Technology Flows: Institutions, Actors, and Processes

    Ryosuke TAKEUCHI

    East Asian Science, Technology and Society   12 ( 4 ) 555 - 558   2018.12  [Refereed]  [Invited]

    Book review and document introduction, etc.   Single Work

  • Memory of Yokohama National University: Talked by Emeritus Professor Kenshi Yamakura

    Yokohama Business Review ( Yokohama Business Administration Society )  37 ( 1 ) 391 - 404   2016.06

    Prompt report, short report, and research note, etc. (bulletin of university, research institution)   Single Work

  • Foreign pharmaceutical enterprises in Japan in the postwar period

    Ryosuke Takeuchi

    Tekijuku ( Tekijuku Commemoration Center )  47   64 - 72   2014.12

    Lecture materials etc. (seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others)   Single Work

  • Retrospection about the Japanese operation by the foreign chemical enterprise in the postwar period

    Tetsuya Kuwahara, Ryosuke Takeuchi

    Yokohama Business Review ( Yokohama Business Administration Society )  35 ( 1 ) 47 - 69   2014.06

    Prompt report, short report, and research note, etc. (bulletin of university, research institution)   Joint Work

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    This is a material which gathered an interview record.

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  • Why did some multinational subsidiaries fail in subsidiary evolutions in Japan?-The case of foreign multinational enterprise in Japan, 1950s-1990s-

    Ryosuke Takeuchi

    Management History Research Group Annual Workshop 2017  (Manchester)  2017.07.11   Management History Research Group

  • The Failure of Multinational Subsidiary Evolution: A Case of the Foreign Pharmaceutical Enterprise in Japan after WWII

    Ryosuke Takeuchi

    1st World Congress on Business History  (Bergen)  2016.08  

  • Business of Foreign Pharmaceutical Enterprises in Japan from 1950s to 1990s

    Ryosuke Takeuchi

    National Conference 9th in Academy of Multinational Enterprises  (Hiroshima City University)  2016.07.09   Academy of Multinational Enterprises

  • The Process of the Foreign Pharmaceutical Enterprise's Management in Japan after WWII: The Case of Schering AG, 1950s-1990s

    Ryosuke Takeuchi

    XVIIth World Economic History Congress  (Kyoto international conference center)  2015.08  

  • The Process that Foreign Multinational Pharmaceutical Enterprises Used for Japanese Operations: The Case of Merck & Co., 1950s-1990s

    Ryosuke Takeuchi

    The 50th Congress of the Business History Society of Japan  (Bunkyo Gakuin University)  2014.09   the Business History Society of Japan


Social Contribution(Extension lecture) 【 display / non-display

  • the Japanese Seminar Series 2017-18

    Cardiff University, School of Modern Languages  (Cardiff, UK) 


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    Title: The Importance of Relationships in Japanese Society: From a Business History Perspective In this seminar, Dr Royosuke Takeuchi will discuss the importance of relationships in Japanese business activities by focusing on the past business activities and their results.