UEHARA Masatomo


Faculty of Engineering, Division of Intelligent Systems Engineering

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Associate Professor

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Research Fields, Keywords

highly correlated system, new martial, sample synthesis, single crystal growth, high-Tc material, transport properties, magnetism

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    Aoyama Gakuin University  Graduate School, Division of Natural Science  Physics  Doctor Course  Completed

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  • Doctor of Science -  Aoyama Gakuin University

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  • 2009.07

    Duty   Yokohama National UniversityFaculty of Engineering   Division of Intelligent Systems Engineering   Associate Professor  

  • 2007.04

    Duty   Yokohama National UniversityFaculty of Engineering   Division of Intelligent Systems Engineering   Research Fellow  

  • 2001.04

    Duty   Yokohama National UniversityFaculty of Engineering   Division of Intelligent Systems Engineering   Research Associate  

  • 2000.09

    Duty   Yokohama National UniversitySchool of Engineering   Research Associate  

  • 2018.04

    Concurrently   Yokohama National UniversityGraduate school of Engineering Science   Department of Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science   Associate Professor  

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  • Condensed matter physics II


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  • Search for novel matrial and physics in highly correlated electron system

    Project Year:  -   

Books 【 display / non-display

  • Superconductivity and Magnetism in Ladder and Chain Compounds-Physics of (Sr,Ca)14Cu24O41-]

    N. Motoyama, M. Matsuda, H. Eisaki and J. Akimitsu (Part: Joint Work )

    Frontiers in Magnetic Materials ed. A. V. Narlikar, Springer Verlag  2005

  • [Multi-scale Phase Modulations in Colossal Magnetoresistance Manganites]

    K. H. Kim, V. Kiryukhin, S.-W. Cheong (Part: Joint Work )

    Colossal Magnetoresistive Manganites, ed. T. Chatterji, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Netherlands  2004

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • The first observation of metallic behaviour in Nd3.5Sm0.5Ni3O8

    A. Nakata, S. Yano, H. Yamamoto, S. Sakura, Y. Kimishima, and M. Uehara

    Advances in Condensed Matter Physics   2016   5808029   2016.01  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

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    Nd3.5Sm0.5Ni3O8 において初めて金属伝導を示した結果の報告。

    Web of Science DOI

  • Pressure Effects of Nd3.5Sm0.5Ni3O8 and La3-xNdxNi2O6

    "Y. Sakurai, S. Sakura, G, HU, S. Suzuki, I. Umehara, Y. Kimishima, and M. Uehara"

    JPS Conf. Proc   1   012086 - 1-4   2014.03  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

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    Nd3.5Sm0.5Ni3O8 及び La3-xNdxNi2O6,の圧力効果の研究。


  • Pressure and Cr-doping effects of CdCyNi3

    S. Iwase, Y. Kimishima, and M. Uehara

    JPS Conf. Proc   3   015030 - 1-6   2014.06  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

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  • Electronic and magnetic properties of La4Ni3-xCuxO8 and Nd4-ySmyNi3O8

    Y. Sakurai, N. Chiba, Y. Kimishima, and M. Uehara

    Physica C   487   27 - 30   2013.04  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

     View Summary

    La4Ni3-xCuxO8 and Nd4-ySmyNi3O8, Pの電気・磁気的性質の研究。

    Web of Science DOI

  • Doping Effect of New Antiperovskite Superconductor ZnNNi3

    M Uehara, K Kozawa, M Ohashi, Y Suganuma, S Tadera, T Yamazaki and Y Kimishima

    Journal of Physics: Conference Series   400   022127   2012  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

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Review Papers 【 display / non-display

  • New oxycarbonate superconductors Sr2(Ca,Sr)n-1Cun(CO3)1-x(BO3)xOy (n=1,2,3)

    J. Akimitsu, M. Uoshima, S. Ishiyama, M. Sato, H. Nakata, Y. Matsui, T. Arima, Y. Tokura and N. M&o … Show more authors

    Advances in science and technology 8 “Superconductivity and superconducting materials technologies" ed. P. Vincenzini     35 - 40   1995

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal)   Joint Work

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