YOSHIOKA Katsunari


Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences, Division of Social Environment and Information


Associate Professor

Research Fields, Keywords

Information Security, Information and Communication System Security, Network Security

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  • Ph.D(Engineering) -  Yokohama National University

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  • 2016.04

    National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  

  • 2014.04

    National Institute of Information and Communications Technology  

  • 2005.04

    National Institute of Information and Communications Technology   Researcher  

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    Electronics Society, IEICE


    Information Processing Society of Japan

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  • Communication/Network engineering

  • Other


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  • Observation, analysis and response of malwares

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  • An efficient method for detecting obfuscated suspicious JavaScript based on text pattern analysis

    Jiawei Su, Katsunari Yoshioka, Junji Shikata, Tsutomu Matsumoto

    Proc. 2016 ACM International Workshop on Traffic Measurements for Cybersecurity, WTMC2016     2016

    Joint Work

  • Wamber: Defending Web Sites on Hosting Services with Self-Learning Honeypots

    Satomi Saito, Satoru Torii, Katsunari Yoshioka and Tsutomu Matsumoto

    The 11th Asia Joint Conference on Information Security (AsiaJCIS2016),     60 - 66   2016

    Joint Work

    Web of Science DOI

  • Evaluating Malware Mitigation by Android Market Operators

    Yosuke Kikuchi, Hiroshi Mori, Hiroki Nakano, Katsunari Yoshioka, Tsutomu Matsumoto, Michel van Eeten

    9th USENIX Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test (USENIX CSET 2016)     2016  [Refereed]

    Single Work

  • "Who Gets the Boot? Analyzing Victimization by DDoS-as-a-Service," Proc. Research in Attacks, Intrusions, and Defenses (RAID16)

    Arman Noroozian, Maciej Korczynski, Carlos Hernandez Ganan, Daisuke Makita, Katsunari Yoshioka, Michel van Eeten

    Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2016     2016

    Joint Work

  • "SANDPRINT: Fingerprinting Malware Sandboxes to Provide Intelligence for Sandbox Evasion," Proc. Research in Attacks, Intrusions, and Defenses (RAID16)

    Akira Yokoyama, Kou Ishii, Rui Tanabe, Yin Minn Papa, Katsunari Yoshioka, Tsutomu Matsumoto, Takahiro Kasama, Daisuke Inoue, Michael Brengel, Michael Backes, Christian Rossow

    Lecture Notes in Computer Science     2016

    Joint Work

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Academic Awards Received 【 display / non-display

  • Best Paper Award

    2013.07.12   2013 Eighth Asia Joint Conference on Information Security (AsiaJCIS2013)   Search Engine Based Investigation on Misconfiguration of Zone Transfer

    Winner: Yinminpapa, Katsunari Yoshioka, Tsutomu Matsumoto

  • Prizes for Science and Technology, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education,Culture, Sports, Science and Technology


  • Best Paper Award, 3rd Joint Workshop on Information Security, JWIS 2008


  • Best Paper Award, 2nd Joint Workshop of Information Security, JWIS 2007


Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • Shedding Light on the Darkside of IoT: Observing Mass-infection of Devices with IoT Malware

    Katsunari Yoshioka  [Invited]


  • Observing attacks in IoT using IoTPOT


    Second Joint Workshop between France and Japan on Cybersecurity  2016.09.22  

  • IoT malware behavior analysis and classification using text mining algorithm

    Chun-Jung Wu, Ying Tie, Katsunari Yoshioka, Tsutomu Matsumoto

    IPSJ Computer Security Symposium   2016  

  • Detailed research results of the PRACTICE project

    Katsunari Yoshioka  [Invited]

    The Second Joint workshop between TU Delft, PRACTICE project and NICT: INNOVATING BOTNET MITIGATION  (Tokyo)  2015  

  • IoTPOT : Analysing the Rise of IoT Compromises

    Katsunari Yoshioka  [Invited]

    3rd Joint workshop between III and NICT  (Hokkaido)  2015  

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Preferred joint research theme 【 display / non-display

  • network monitoring and malware analysis


Council/Academic activity outside the university 【 display / non-display

  • The 11th International Workshop on Security (IWSEC2016)


    Society   Program co-cha

  • Workshop on Security Technologies in the World with Internet of Things (IoTSec 2016)


    Society   Program committee member

  • The 4th International Workshop on Building Analysis Datasets and Gathering Experience Returns for Security



  • Asia Joint Conference on Information Security (AsiaJCIS)


    Society   Program co-chair

  • International Workshop on Security